Quick Answer: What Energy Conversions Occur When A Car Engine Burns Gasoline??

gasoline is burned, and undergoes a chemical change.

Some of the chemical energy stored in the gasoline is converted into thermal energy.

This thermal energy is then converted to mechanical energy that moves the car.

When gasoline burns in a car engine the heat released?

PROBLEM: When gasoline burns in a car engine, the heat released causes the products CO2 and H2O to expand, which pushes the pistons outward. Excess heat is removed by the car’s cooling system.

What happens when a piece of metal is heated then submerged in cool water?

A piece of metal is heated, then submerged in cool water. Which statement below describes what happens? The temperature of the water will increase and the temperature of the metal will decrease.

What would likely happen if you were to touch the flask in which an endothermic reaction occurring?

When an endothermic reaction takes place in the flask, the heat is absorbed by the flask and thus the temperature of the surrounding (here the flask) will decrease which can be felt by touching the outside of the test tube. Thus the flask would appear colder.

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