Question: What Is S In Honda Automatic Transmission??

It stands for second and low.

For most of the history of automatic transmission vehicles, there have been three forward gears.

Starting in the S position would cause the vehicle to start in second gear and would be useful for starting the vehicle on a slippery surface.

What is D and S in automatic car?

The “D” stands for DRIVE. This is when the automatic transmission ‘gear’ is activated. As the vehicle begins to slow down, the automatic drive gear will down-shift to lower gears. The “D” is also commonly referred to as ‘overdrive.’ This is the top ‘gears’ setting on an automatic transmission.

What does S mean on a Ford Fusion?

SELECTSHIFT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. The SelectShift automatic transmission allows you to choose between a conventional automatic-shifting drive mode (“D”) or semi-automatic shifting sport mode (“S”).

What does S mean on Toyota Camry?

The “S” means “SPORTS” and in that mode, you can shift your gears as you wish just like a manual drive car. Also, CarGurus says “the SE adds paddle shifters on the steering wheel, as well as an “S” driving mode with faster shift times for a sportier driving experience.”

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