Readers ask: Why did the ford thunderbird fail?

Why was the Ford Thunderbird discontinued?

In 1958, to satisfy critics who thought the T-Bird was too small, Ford released a four-seater version with a roomier trunk and bucket seats. Despite brisk early sales and good reviews, sales of the new Thunderbird couldn’t justify continued production, and Ford discontinued it again in mid-2005.

Are Ford Thunderbirds reliable?

The Thunderbird ranks 26th in reliability out of 44 Ford models . Its overall PainRank of 16.3 is based on relative complaint analysis from 230 owner complaints sent to over 12 model years.

What is the best Ford Thunderbird?

Here are the 5 best thunderbird cars, by series and year: 1955 Ford Thunderbird (First Generation) 2003 Ford Thunderbird (Eleventh Generation) 1964 Ford Thunderbird (Fourth Generation) 1967 Ford Thunderbird (Fifth Generation) 1973 Ford Thunderbird (Sixth Generation)

How much is a 1957 Thunderbird worth?

Data based on 1,347 auction sales. About the data. Examine the data. note: The images shown are representations of the 1957 Ford Thunderbird and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction. Ford Models.

Engines Median Sale
312 CID | 300 HP $250,000

What was the fastest Thunderbird?

A real deal from Ford . This engine option only available for 1964-1966 Thunderbird through dealer. 120 has been made in all body style. This is the fastest Thunderbird on street of 60’s capable to hit 13 sec territory for 1/4 mile.

Is Ford bringing back the Thunderbird?

Apparently, only about 60,000 retro Thunderbirds were sold in its first four years. Because of its poor sales numbers, Ford killed off its retro coupe and has yet to bring it back .

How fast can a Ford Thunderbird go?

Kerbweight: 1960 kgs (4321 lbs) Top Speed: 125 mph (201.1 kph ) 0-60 mph (96.6 kph ): 8.4 secs.

Is Thunderbird a muscle car?

The new Thunderbirds also featured several innovations including unit construction, low build, and pioneered the buckets and console interior that established the personal luxury (and later muscle car ) concept.

What engine is in the 2002 Ford Thunderbird?

How much did a 1957 Thunderbird cost in 1957?

The 1957 T-Bird’s price had climbed to $3,408, but it remained an attractive buy.

What is an F code Thunderbird?

Dubbed the “ F – code ,” the supercharged 312 engine featured a single four-barrel carburetor directly force-fed by a Paxton-built McCulloch centrifugal supercharger and was rated at 300 HP.

How much is a Thunderbird?

Make Avg Price Last 30 Days
CarGurus Index $22,401 -0.33%
Ford Thunderbird $18,580 +0.44%
1955 Ford Thunderbird $39,781 -2.06%
1956 Ford Thunderbird $46,171 -5.18%

What is a 1957 Thunderbird E Code?

The “ E – Code ” option, regarded by many as the most desirable option available in the Thunderbird , features the 312-cubic inch V-8, which is topped with a pair of Holley four-barrel carburetors and was graced with a larger bore, longer stroke, higher compression ratio, and an automatic choke.

How many 1955 Thunderbirds are left?

Only 212 examples of the latter ever left the factory, which is less than one percent of the ’57 production run. “The F-code supercharged cars are a huge value booster,” says Dave Adams of Concord, California’s Thunderbird Headquarters, which supplies numerous restoration parts for the roadster.

How much does a 1957 Thunderbird weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Body / Chassis : Steel unibody
Production Years for Series : 1955 – 1957
Price : $3,406
Weight : 3132 lbs | 1420.651 kg

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