Quick Answer: What Year Does Your Car Have To Be For Uber??


What cars are eligible for Uber?

Uber Vehicle Requirements

  • Vehicle must be 10 years old or newer – Varies city to city.
  • Must be a four-door car, truck, or minivan.
  • Vehicle must have seating and seatbelts for 4 passengers, not including the driver.
  • Must pass a mechanical vehicle inspection.
  • Driver’s full name must be on the insurance for the vehicle.

What year car do you need for Lyft?

Florida Vehicle Requirements

Popular Lyft cars in Florida include the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Additional Vehicle Requirements For Certain Florida Cities: If you live in the following cities, your vehicle must be a 2006 or newer model: Bradenton. Jacksonville.

Is my car too old to drive for Uber?

If your car becomes too old to qualify for UberX, you’ll no longer be able to drive. If you’re not a driver yet and you think your car is too old, first read the Uber vehicle requirements, then read how to lease a rent a car for Uber.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons” https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Uber_autonomous_vehicle_prototype_testing_in_San_Francisco.jpg