Quick Answer: How Do I Know What Year My Club Car Is??

1. To find out the model and year of your Club Car Golf Cart the first thing you will need is to find your Club Car Serial Number.

  • Under the passenger side glove compartment (on the kick panel)
  • Inside the passenger side glove compartment.
  • On the driver’s side frame behind the gas pedal.

How do you tell the year of a golf cart?

Use the guide below to help you determine the year model of your E-Z-GO golf cart. Your serial number for your E-Z-GO will be on the passenger’s side of the cart in the glove box on years ’94 – present. The last two numbers in the manufacturers code will be the year model. This is a serial number for a ’95 model.

What does club car serial number mean?

Club Car Serial Number Look up. The six digits following the hyphen (“C” in the image below) represent the unique sequential number assigned to each vehicle built within a given model year. This Example Serial Number is for a Precedent I2 Excel (PH) made in the first week of 2009 (0901).

What is the difference between Club Car DS and precedent?

Club Car Precedent. The Club Car Precedent is one of the two main models of electric Club Car golf carts. The other being the DS. The front cowl of the Precedent Club Car has a more updated and sleeker look.

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