Question: Do You Have To Notify The DMV When You Sell Your Car??

In most cases, you must provide a clear title that is signed by the seller.

The seller’s signature releases his ownership of the vehicle and it can then be transferred to you.

In many states, you will be required to pay sales tax on the car before you receive the current registration and, later, the license plates.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car privately?

What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Car?

  • Vehicle history report.
  • Maintenance records.
  • Warranty documentation.
  • As-Is documentation.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Title.
  • Bill of Sale.

What is the best way to sell a car privately?

The 6 Best Ways to Sell Your Car

  1. Sell It Privately. Selling a car on your own will ensure you get the most money for it.
  2. Sell It to a Dealership. Once you visit the dealership, you will receive an appraisal of the value of your vehicle.
  3. Sell It to CarMax.
  4. Take Advantage of Autotrader.
  5. Have the Vehicle Picked Up.
  6. Trade It In.

How do I sell my car safely?

4 Essential Tips for Selling Your Car Safely

  • Screen Potential Buyers Before Agreeing to Meet with Them. Screen potential buyers with a phone call, and before meeting with an interested party, get the person’s phone number, name and address.
  • Meet in a Public Place.
  • Take Precautions on the Test Drive.
  • Be Cautious When Sharing Service Records.

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