Quick Answer: What Do You Need When Renting A Car??

You will need valid driver’s license and credit card to rent a car.

Most companies won’t let you rent a car if you don’t have a credit card.

Others might ask you to make a monetary deposit.

Most companies require that all drivers are at least 25 years old.

What happens if you damage a rental car?

If the rental car’s bodywork gets damaged during your rental, your Collision Damage Waiver will cover it. It won’t cover damage to other parts of the car, though, and you’ll have to put some money towards the cost.

Do you need to have car insurance to rent a car?

The thing is, rental cars are automatically insured — but only at the bare minimum requirements. Rental car companies offer supplemental insurance on top of that so that you can protect yourself in case of an accident. But if you don’t already have your own insurance, you may need to buy some from the rental agency.

How do you deal with a damaged rental car?

If you opt for the CDW when you rent the car, you’re covered for any damage to the car. If you decline the CDW, you should take some just-in-case precautions. When you pick up your car, take a few minutes to look over the car before driving away. Get out your smartphone.

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