Question: How Do I Replace A Lost Car Title??

If you need a replacement title through the CA DMV here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Fill out an Application for Duplicate Title form (Form REG 227)
  • Pay the duplicate title fee of $20 (can vary depending on the motor vehicle)
  • Mail in the application form or bring it to a CA DMV office.

Can you get a duplicate car title the same day?

That’s why you will be able to take steps in order to have a duplicate car title made. In the state of New York a duplicate car title is obtained through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV has made the process as simple and quick as possible so that you can get what you need and be on your way.

How can I get my title if I lost it?

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title in Georgia

  1. Complete Form MV-1 (Title/Tag Application).
  2. Submit Form T-4 for each satisfied lien holder (one per lienholder).
  3. You must provide proof of identity (your state driver’s license will work).
  4. You must pay the fee for the duplicate title ($8).
  5. If you have the damaged title, it must be handed over for destruction.

How much does it cost to replace a car title?

Title transfer fees can vary quite a bit in Texas depending on where you live. The title application fee will either be $28 or $33. However, there may also be a vehicle inspection fee, insurance verification fee, automation fee, and other local and county fees. So how much is a title transfer?

Can I get a replacement car title online?

At an office

When you apply for a replacement title at a DMV office, you will NOT be issued the replacement title while there. All title certificates are printed in a secure facility in Albany and are mailed to the owner. For this reason, the fastest and easiest way to apply for a replacement title is to do it online.

How long does it take to get a replacement title?

Take your application with the required fees and documents to the DMV. After the DMV has received your application for the replacement car title, they will issue the new title. In order to protect against fraud, most states will not mail out the replacement title for 15 to 30 days.

How long does it take to get my title from the DMV?

Depending on state laws, paper titles are generally mailed and electronic titles and/or liens are released to the motor vehicle agency approximately 10 business days after the payoff is received. Allow 15-30 days for receipt of your title based on mail time and/or motor vehicle agency process.

Can you drive a car while waiting for title?

When financing is provided for the purchase of a vehicle, the lender will be listed as a lien holder on the title. In most cases the lender will retain the title until the loan has been paid in full. During this time, the owner of the vehicle will not have possession of the title but is legally entitled to drive it.

Where can I get a copy of my title?

If you ever need a paper copy of your title, you can simply order it online at, or visit your local tax collector office and pay a $2.50 fee and have it mailed to you within three business days.

Where do I get a copy of my car title?

If you lost your title, you may get a replacement. You may apply for a duplicate title online, by mail, or by visiting an SCDMV branch. Provide the vehicle odometer mileage reading and any current lien information.

How can I sell my car without the title?


  • Replace your title before negotiating a sale, if possible.
  • Provide proof of ownership if you never titled the vehicle.
  • See if your state can transfer ownership without a title.
  • Find out if your state offers express services.
  • Fill out a duplicate title request form.

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