Question: How Do You Unlock Your Car With Keys Locked Inside??

Place the rod into the opening and use it to push down on the unlock button of your car.

In either of these cases, you’ll need the right equipment on hand if you lock keys in the car.

Unfortunately, if your vehicle has door locks that are recessed inside the interior door handle, get professional help.

Can the police help unlock my car?

The police may have you sign a consent/waiver form in the event they damage the vehicle in an attempt to unlock it. If you own the vehicle, you may call local authorities such as the police, or your car service provider like OnStar or AAA (which can cost some money). Or you may attempt to unlock the vehicle yourself.

How much does it cost to get your keys out of your car?

On average, it costs $50 to $250 to hire a locksmith to unlock a car, depending on the services you need and the level of work involved. These prices include the cost of the service call. No one ever wants to find themselves locked out of their car.

What do you do if your locked out of your car?

What To Do When You are Locked Out of Your Car

  • Troubleshoot Your Locks. No matter the reason you have found yourself locked out of your car, you might be able to find a way back in by simply checking all of the doors.
  • Phone a Friend. If you are nearby any friends or family, don’t hesitate to give them a call.
  • Use Your Shoelace.
  • Reach Tool Inside.
  • Get Professional Help.

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