Quick Answer: Do I Call My Insurance If It’s Not My Fault??

If the driver is at fault and uninsured, you should always call your insurance company.

Your insurance company will pay 100 percent of the cost and you will only pay your deductible unless you have uninsured motorist property damage.

Do insurance rates go up after accident not your fault?

When a Not-at-Fault Claim Can Raise Your Insurance Costs. If you’re in an accident and it’s your fault, your insurance rate will increase. But even if the accident was not your fault, your insurance rate may increase. Yes, it is, even though the other driver’s insurance should cover the costs of repairing your vehicle.

Do you have to pay your deductible if the accident was not your fault?

If you’re not at-fault in an accident, then you should not have to pay your deductible. Typically, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay your deductible. Then, they’ll pay you the required amount of money for repairs, or they’ll pay the amount your car was worth at the time of the accident.

Should I talk to the other insurance company after an accident?

You Are Not Required to Speak With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t talk to the other insurance company when there is the potential for anyone involved in the accident (you, the other driver, a passenger) making a claim for serious personal injuries.

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