Question: Is Rental Car Insurance Necessary??

when rental car insurance coverage is a good idea

Otherwise, rental insurance isn’t legally required — which is not to say it can’t help.

If any of the following scenarios apply, the extra protection provided by rental insurance is worth considering: Your current policy doesn’t have comprehensive and collision coverage.

What insurance should you get when renting a car?

This may include loss of use charges, which rental car companies charge to make up for lost profits when they must repair a vehicle. Liability: Sometimes called supplemental liability insurance, or SLI, rental liability insurance covers you if you damage other vehicles or property while driving the rental car.

Does my credit card cover car rental insurance?

Most Visa cards will cover theft, damage to the rental car, towing and loss-of-use charges if you do not have a personal auto insurance policy. A few credit cards automatically offer primary coverage, meaning you are covered even if you have your own car insurance.

Do I need supplemental liability insurance when renting a car?

Rental car companies are required to provide the minimum level of liability insurance required by states. Generally, however, this does not offer enough protection in a serious accident, and customers can buy additional coverage of up to $1 million for an additional $10 to $20 a day.

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