Quick Answer: How Do I Choose A Car Stereo??

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Are all double DIN radios the same size?

If you have a double DIN head unit, the front faceplate will be the same width but twice as tall. Since “2 DIN car stereo” is a colloquial term for double DIN, the head unit in your car will measure roughly 7 x 4 inches (180 x 100mm) if it conforms to that standard.

Can I get a new radio for my car?

If your car or truck didn’t come with a subwoofer already installed, the easiest option is to look for a subwoofer that includes a built-in amp. There are ways to install a subwoofer without upgrading the car stereo, but you’ll get better results if you do both at the same time.

What does double din mean car stereo?

DIN refers to size 2″ x 8″ opening that a radio fits into. DIN stands for Duetch Industri Normen which the Germans starting using to standardize the radio’s in Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, VW’s way back in the mid 80’s. It has since become the industry standard. DOUBLE DIN is the same width of 8″ but is 4″ instead of 2″.

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