Question: Where Is The Real Ecto 1??

Thirty years later, ECTO-1 remains in great shape and it is on display through March 14 in the Hollywood Gallery of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The vehicle that would become ECTO is a 1959 Cadillac modified by the Miller-Meteor Co.

into an end-loader ambulance/hearse combination.

What was the original Ghostbusters car?

The 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance limo that was transformed by Universal Studios into the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car is now being auctioned off on eBay.

Who built Ecto 1?

The vehicle designer was poorly credited in the film.

Stephen Dane was tapped by director Ivan Reitman to design and oversee the development of Ecto-1 from scratch. He also designed the Proton Pack, Particle Thrower, Trap, Giga meter, Slime Scooper and Slime Blower—all within two weeks of the start of shooting.

Is the Ghostbusters car a hearse?

The original was a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance/hearse. This new Ghostbusters vehicle appears to be a modified hearse as well.

What flavor is Ecto Cooler?

Ecto Cooler is an Orange-tangerine (noted as citrus on previous version) flavored drink color changed to green by Hi-C.

What year is the Ghostbusters hearse?


What was the license number on the Ghostbusters car?

The New York ECTO-1 License Plate is produced as seen on the ’59 Cadillac Hearse in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters. This plate has only two holes at the bottom, just as it was in the movie.

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Who came up with Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters (franchise)

Created by Dan Aykroyd Harold Ramis
Original work Ghostbusters (1984)
Owned by Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps (Sony Pictures)
Print publications

11 more rows

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