Question: What Is Tom Brady’s Car??

Now you can drive like Tom Brady, too — as long as you have an extra $360,000 to drop on a custom Aston Martin.

According to ESPN, the luxury British car company recently began selling a version of its Vanquish S Volante model designed by the New England Patriots quarterback.

Does Tom Brady own a Bugatti?

When it comes to cars, Brady is clearly a gear head, owning or having owned a number of performance vehicles including a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Audi R8, and Bugatti Veyron. One car Brady doesn’t own?

What is Gisele Bundchen worth?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen make up one of the most successful power couples. They have a combined net worth of $580 million. Bündchen is a successful supermodel and Brady is an exceptional quarterback.

How many cars do Tom Brady have?

Since his meteoric rise from backup quarterback to Super Bowl champion in the 2001 season, Tom Brady has been the franchise player of the New England Patriots. He’s won five Super Bowls, four Super Bowl MVPs, two NFL MVPs, and made 13 Pro Bowls.

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