Where Is The Clutch In The Car??

The clutch pedal is found only in cars with manual transmission.

The clutch pedal is located on the floor to the left of the brake pedal.

Is a clutch part of the transmission?

Yes, there is a clutch in your automatic transmission, but it’s not exactly like a clutch in a manual vehicle. The term clutch isn’t exclusive to the part in manual transmissions; it more or less refers to a specific mechanical device, along with axles and gears.

Do you have a clutch in an automatic car?

Automatic transmissions contain an amazing amount of parts, all of which come together in what’s known as a torque converter system. Your engine and your transmission meet at the bell housing, which contains a torque converter for automatic cars, as opposed to a clutch for a manual transmission.

What is clutch plate?

The Clutch Disc or plate is a part of your vehicle’s manual transmission system that delivers power from the engine to the transmission. It is fitted between the flywheel and the pressure plate. It is made of highly durable steel or sometimes Kevlar, in high-performance vehicles.

Photo in the article by “Pixabay” https://pixabay.com/photos/automotive-clutch-repair-auto-car-975637/