Question: Is There A Difference Between Cars In Rocket League??

Do different cars in Rocket League have different speeds?

No, every car has the same speed when or when not using boost.

Although hit boxes vary in sizes.

Lets say you were using the Dominous or Dominuos GT, you have a short, long hit box meaning that areal hits or hitting the ball in general with harder.

Does it matter what car you use in rocket League?

As a matter of fact, the vehicles in Rocket League all have the same top speed, acceleration, and handing as each other. You see, in Rocket League, the vehicle hit box is everything.

Is octane the best car in rocket League?

THE OCTANE – Pajhola

Undoubtedly the most popular car in Rocket League, the Octane has dominated the scene since Rocket League’s release in 2015. It is believed to be the most well-rounded car in the game and is also the default car setting when one launches Rocket League for the first time.

Which Batmobile is the best rocket League?

Sticking with the O.G.

cars like Octane and Dominus,” says Pwndx. “Obviously, they are the most preferred cars by far, especially Octane.

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