Question: What Is A Rear Window In A Car??

Simple and intuitive, the rear windshield (or rear glass) is located opposite of the front windshield, and is located in the back of the vehicle, sealing it off from the outside.

Other than that, how this particular pane of auto glass is made, functions, and feature, set it apart from the front windshield.

What is the small back window on a car called?

Quarter glass (or quarter light) on automobiles and closed carriages may be a side window in the front door or located on each side of the car just forward of the rear-facing rear window of the vehicle. Quarter glass is also sometimes called a valence window.

What do you call the back of the car?

boot. noun. British the covered space at the back of a car, used for carrying things in. The American word is trunk.

What is car glass called?

Auto glass is either laminated or tempered. Typically, auto glass deigned for the rear and front side windows and the rear window will be tempered glass, while laminated glass is used for windshields.

Photo in the article by “Pixabay”