How Do You Stop A Car Battery From Draining When Not In Use??

5 Ways to Help Avoid a Dead Car Battery During the Summer

  • Keep it cool. Since heat drains a car’s battery, parking it in a cool or shaded spot can buy your battery extra time.
  • Increase your driving time.
  • Cut down on car battery drain.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Get a car battery charger.

Can a bad fuse cause battery drain?

The fuse is only a conduit. The fuse in and of itself cannot be the cause of the power drain. It is, however, an indication of where the power drain is coming from. If by pulling the fuse you get a noticeable drop in battery drain, whatever is causing the drain is on that circuit.

What causes a car battery to die quickly?

Some of the most common reasons for a car battery to die repeatedly include loose or corroded battery connections, persistent electrical drains, charging problems, constantly demanding more power than the alternator can provide, and even extreme weather.

Will a loose battery cable kill the battery?

Drain #2: Corrosion or Loose Cable Connections

There are two points of contact on top of your battery—one positive, one negative. Corrosion around the terminals or loose cable connections can interfere with the battery charge and make it harder for the battery to start your engine.

How long can a car sit before battery goes dead?

A new car battery, fully charged can last at least two weeks without charging from the generator. It will get discharged entirely from 2 to 3 months. You won’t be able to start the engine of that car if you are planning to leave it for 2.5 months on average.

Should a car battery be disconnected when not in use?

“If someone is going away for a few months over the winter, they should definitely disconnect the battery. “But the complication is, whenever you disconnect the cable from the battery, you have to make sure it’s secured somewhere so it’s not contacting the ground or any of the positives.

Can a bad sensor drain a battery?

Disconnecting the battery on a car with an alternator will cause high voltage spikes and can damage the alternator and other sensitive electronics. It is possible the alternator is working properly but there is an electrical drain causing the battery to become discharged.

What could be draining my battery?


  1. PARASITIC DRAIN. If you have your radio presets, security alarms or clocks running after the engine is off, it can drain your battery.
  2. FAULTY CHARGING SYSTEM. A faulty or unreliable charging system can also drain the battery while the car is running.

Why does my battery drain overnight?

A short circuit may cause excessive current draw and drain your battery. Check the charging system for a loose or worn-out alternator belt, problems in the circuit (loose, disconnected or broken wires), or a failing alternator. Engine operation problems can also cause excessive battery drain during cranking.

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