Is Coolant Important For The Car??

Let’s examine engine coolant including what it’s made of, its dual purpose, and the important role it plays in engine operation.

Coolant is a mixture of distilled water and alcohol.

Also referred to as antifreeze, its primary function is to absorb the extreme heat generated by a running engine.

What happens when you run out of coolant?

If you run out of coolant, and continue to operate the engine for a significant period of time, it will cause serious harm to the engine. Among the first things damaged is typically the heads and head gaskets. If you really push it, you could damage the block, seize the engine, or melt a hole in a piston.

Can you drive a car with low coolant?

If you do not have any leaks, then your coolant is most likely getting burned and/or going into your oil. Low coolant will cause overheating and can cause stress on the water pump. Low coolant that is topped off can cause overheating due to trapped air in the system. Any overheating can cause cracks or warping.

What does it mean when coolant is low?

If it doesn’t go out, either the coolant level is too low or there is a problem with the sensor system. ` The light usually shows either a thermometer or a box, often with wavy lines to indicate liquid. It can also say “Low Coolant.”

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