How Much Is Big Chief’s Car Worth??

Big Chief has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2018, an amount he got mainly from his street racing career and his job on the reality TV program Street Outlaws.

How Fast Is Big Chief’s car in the quarter mile?

Big Chief 405 – The fastest quarter mile pass on radials ever. Facebook.

Is Big Chief still doing street outlaws?

Big Chief is out in the public eye again, and like last time, it’s not for the right reasons. Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws has been home to the racing giant since its inception in 2013.

How many horsepower does Big Chief’s car have?

Justin had a horrific crash in his 1972 Pontiac LeMans drag car during a drag race. As you can see from the pictures, the original Crow was no more. To everyones surprise, the Butler Performance twin turbo 2500 hp engine survived the crash.

Photo in the article by “Space Technology: Game Changing Development – NASA”