Question: What Is An On Board Computer In A Car??

All cars manufactured today contain at least one computer.

It is in charge of monitoring engine emissions and adjusting the engine to keep emissions as low as possible.

The computer receives information from a many different sensors, including: The throttle position sensor.

What is Trip A and Trip B in car?

The first setting is the mileage of the vehicle . The second setting is “Trip A” will allow you to measure the distance of a short or long trip. You probably also have a “Trip B” which also allows you to keep track of the mileage for a second trip at the same time(a trip with in a trip).

How do I reset my car trip?

To reset your TM trip odometer:

  • Press the app button on the right side of the steering wheel (the button underneath the voice button)
  • Scroll to Trip using the arrow keys.
  • Scroll down and select Trip odometer.
  • Press and hold the Reset button on the left hand steering wheel stalk.

What is trip computer on a Ford?

What is the Ford on-board trip computer? An on-board trip computer gives you useful facts and figures about your mileage, fuel consumption, speed and the outside air temperature. It also includes ‘distance to empty’: roughly how far you can go on the fuel left in the tank.

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