Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Spindle On A Car??

Some Factors That Affect Spindle Repair Cost

For instance, a damaged tool interface may add between $700 and $1,600 depending on the size and style.

Damaged bearing journals can add between $400 and $1,400.

A damaged shaft can add $4,000, often doubling the cost of a base repair.

What is a drop spindle on a car?

Drop Spindles. Drop-spindles relocate the shaft to a higher position, typically 2-3 inches higher than the original. Doing this allows your wheel to be higher in the fender well, thus lowering your truck. Installing drop-spindles allows you to continue to use the vehicles factory spring and shocks.

Are spindle and knuckle the same?

1 Answer. The knuckle is the part the spindle attaches to. The spindle carries the hub and bearing(s). Generally the spindle is used on non-driven wheels, but there are some where the spindle is hollow and the CV shaft extends through e.g. Some Nissan’s.

Can you drive with a bad spindle?

A bad ball joint or broken spindle can cause your vehicle’s tires to wear unevenly. If your car’s tires appear to have more tread left on the inside than the outside, you should check the ball joints and spindle, along with the rest of the suspension.

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