Quick Answer: What Is A Pro Mod Street Car??

Pro Modified Cars are 250 + mph doorslammers, running on Injected nitrous / gasoline or methanol.

They are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors.

Pro Mods are purpose-built race cars cloaked.

in replica street car bodies ranging in style from the 1930s to the present day.

What does Pro Mod mean?

Pro Modified, also known as Pro Mod, is a class or division in the sport of drag racing used in the NHRA and FIA (quarter-mile) and the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) (eighth-mile). It is similar to the Top Doorslammer class as defined by the ANDRA.

How much horsepower does a Pro Mod Drag car have?

Pro Stock engines use electronic fuel injection and spec gasoline and are restricted to a maximum of 500 cubic inches. They can make in excess of 1,300 horsepower. A competitive Pro Stock car can run in the 6.5s at more than 210 mph.

How fast is a Pro Mod car?

Pro Mod cars are full-bodied, left-hand driver vehicles which are very loosely based on production models. They also feature supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous oxide equipped engines that allow them to run deep into the five-second zone at speeds of over 258-mph.

How much do pro mods weigh?

The bare chassis weighs only 200-350lbs (90-159kg). Current cars are making much more use of lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and titanium. Pro Mod body shells are highly modified replicas of original car bodies built in composite materials.

What is funny car racing?

Funny Car is a type of drag racing vehicle and a specific racing class in organized drag racing. Funny cars are characterized by having tilt-up fiberglass or carbon fiber automotive bodies over a custom-fabricated chassis, giving them an appearance vaguely approximating manufacturers’ showroom models.

What is a pro street car?

Pro Street is a style of street-legal custom car popular in the 1980s, usually built to imitate a Pro Stock class race car. Pro Street cars should appear to be more at home on the drag strip than the street, while remaining street legal and not gutted like a Race Car or Bracket Race car.

What is Chief’s car on street outlaws?

Big Chief of The Discovery Channels show Street Outlaws unveils his new race car. It’s a ’68 Firebird in full Pro Mod trim named the “Crow Mod.” This all-out race car replaces Big Chief’s 1972 Pontiac LeMans, known as “The Crow,” which he wrecked during filming of the show Nov. 14.

What are the different classes of drag racing?

Drag Racing – Classes

  • Top Fuel Dragster (TF/D) These are also called the diggers and are the fastest class.
  • Pro Stock (NHRA, IHRA/MMPSA)
  • Pro Stock Motorcycle of (NHRA and ANDRA)
  • Top Alcohol Dragster (TA/D)
  • Top Alcohol Funny Car (TA/FC)
  • Playing Environment.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons” https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FIA_MSA_Pro_Mod_-_Camaro_-_Santa_Pod_2010_(4656628655).jpg