Question: Is The Title And Registration The Same Thing??

Title Document – Current, original Georgia title properly assigned to the new vehicle owners using their full legal names showing their current Georgia address.

All vehicle owners, other than licensed dealers, must obtain titles in their names before transferring vehicle ownership to another person, dealer or business.

What is license and registration?


Every state requires motor vehicles and motorcycles to be registered and titled with the state’s transportation agency or department of motor vehicles. A vehicle registration plate, often called the license plate, is attached to motor vehicles for identification purposes.

How do I get my car registration?

How to Get a Car Registration –

What is proof of registration for a car?

Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin

This document is given to you by the dealership when you buy a new car that has never had a previous owner. It’s used to prove your current ownership to the DMV, and the office will generally accept this document as proof that your name should be registered to the vehicle.

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