Quick Answer: What Is A DMV Pink Slip??

A pink slip is proof that you participated in and completed a drivers ed course.

It shows that you are on your way to becoming a responsible and safe driver.

You must bring it with you to the DMV when you apply for a provisional license.

What is a pink slip for a car NSW?

In short a pink slip inspection report verifies your car is safe and ready for the road. It is required in New South Wales for your vehicle to be inspected, as a condition of registration renewal, if it is more than three years old. They have now been renamed: e-Safety Checks, which are sent to the RTA electronically.

How long does a pink slip last for?

for 42 days

How much is a pink slip?

Pink Slip Costs

A Pink Slip or Vehicle Safety Check is $37.40, also inclusive of GST. Owners must ensure that they only use an authorized station.

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