Quick Answer: How Long Can A Car Stay In Impound??

Automatic 28-day impounding for some traffic offences.

For a number of driving offences the police can seize and impound your vehicle on the spot for various periods up to 28 days.

Note: If your vehicle is impounded, this will usually be in addition to other penalties for the particular offence you’ve committed.

What happens when a car is impounded?

Vehicle impoundment is the legal process of placing a vehicle into an impoundment lot or tow yard, which is a holding place for cars until they are placed back in the control of the owner, recycled for their metal, stripped of their parts at a wrecking yard or auctioned off for the benefit of the impounding agency.

Can my finance company get my car out of impound?

There are several ways that an auto title lender might offer for a borrower to pay back their car impound loan. You’ll still be able to drive your car while you are paying on the loan, but they will have a lien on your title while you pay.

Can a towing company keep your car?

Things towing companies can’t do anymore when your car is towed after an accident: Refuse to release a vehicle. Technically, Arizona’s lien law already requires towing companies to release a vehicletowed from private property upon the owner’s request, even if the owner hasn’t paid yet.

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