Quick Answer: What Happens If My Car Accident Claim Goes To Court??

A car accident case may go to court if the parties, you and the insurance company, cannot agree to settle your claim.

This can happen if the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement or if the parties cannot agree who was at fault for the accident.

What happens when someone sues you and you have no money?

Unfortunately, there is no good answer—if someone has little income and few assets, they are effectively “judgment proof” and even if you win against them in court, you effectively lose: you spent the time and money to sue and receive nothing in return. First, you don’t have to sue the person immediately.

How long do you have to sue after a car accident?

two years

What happens if someone sues you after a car accident with no insurance?

No-fault car insurance states

For an injured driver to sue you, they would have to step outside of the insurance system and file a personal injury lawsuit against you. If someone with grievous injuries sues you personally and you don’t have an insurance policy, expect to pay those damages yourself.

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