Question: What Happens If My Car Insurance Is Cancelled Due To Nonpayment??

The car insurance policy can be cancelled by either the insured or insurer before its expiration or termination date.

Most carriers will usually reinstate a policy that has cancelled due to non-payment if the lapse in coverage has been less than 30 days, and there have been no losses.

What happens when your auto insurance is Cancelled?

Nonrenewal happens when your insurer decides to part ways with you at the end of your policy term. Cancellation is more severe and happens when the insurance company decides to stop coverage before the end of your term. State law often dictates the situations in which an insurer can cancel your policy.

Is it hard to get car insurance after being Cancelled?

If your car insurance provider canceled your policy because you forgot to pay the bill, getting your insurance back may simply require a phone call. Call your carrier, apologize for the missed payment and ask if they will reinstate your policy. Most companies will do so once you’ve settled your bill.

How long after insurance is Cancelled?

The amount of time you are given will normally vary depending on the insurance company (check your contract) but will often be between 10-30 days. If you still haven’t paid your insurance company after this time though, then the policy will be cancelled.

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