Why Was The Ev1 Discontinued??

The EV1 program was subsequently discontinued in 2002, and all cars on the road were repossessed.

As a result of the forced repossession and destruction of the majority of EV1s, an intact and working EV1 is one of the rarest cars from the 1990s.

Who Killed the Electric Car short summary?

Following a strict mandate on air emissions in California, General Motors launches the EV-1 in 1997. It is an electric automobile that requires no gas, oil, muffler or brake changes and is, seemingly, the world’s first perfect car. Yet six years later, GM recalls and destroys the EV-1 fleet. Filmmaker Chris Paine examines the birth and death of a revolutionary vehicle.

Why did GM destroy the electric car?

GM decided to terminate the test, collect all cars and destroy them. They told the public that they could not grant safe operation of the car in the future because they also had stopped making spare parts. That was the reason for destroying them instead of selling them to others.

Why electric cars are not good for the environment?

If e-cars are running on electricity produced by burning dirty fossil fuels, climate benefits are limited. Because of the complex batteries they use, it currently takes more energy to produce an electric car than a conventional one. And, disposing of those batteries creates an environmental hazard.

Photo in the article by “Flickr” https://www.flickr.com/photos/autohistorian/27912045397