Quick Answer: How Do You Tell If A Car Is A True SS??

How to Tell If My Car Is a Real SS

  • Check for the SS package.
  • Look for the number on the engine.
  • Run the Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Find the trim tag on the interior of the driver side door.
  • Look under the back seat for the build sheet.

What does RS and SS stand for?

RS/SS. Acronym. Definition. RS/SS. Rally Sport/Super Sport (Chevrolet Camaro model)

What does LS and SS stand for?

Some say LS is an acronym for “Luxury Sport”, but practically speaking it simply references the vehicle’s trim as being the ‘base model’. The progression of trim levels ascends as follows: LS, LT (1LT, 2LT), LTZ, and SS. 3 people found this helpful. 3. Ryan answered 6 years ago.

Is the Chevy SS a muscle car?

The SS gives Chevrolet a powerful rear-wheel-drive sedan as an option to the Camaro coupe. The SS shows understated exterior styling, masking its muscle car demeanor. The SS is actually an import from Australia, where it is known as the VF Commodore.

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