Quick Answer: What Is An Exempt Title Mean??

According to this link from the Texas Dept of Motor Vehicles, the Exempt reference means: The vehicle falls within criteria that allow it to change ownership without disclosure of the odometer reading.

Why does my title says odometer exempt?

The use of this term is actually quite common for cars 10 or more years old. The Federal Odometer Act (FOA) of 1972 protected consumers from odometer fraud. Under this act, the seller is required to document mileage at the date of vehicle transfer. On the title under mileage, these cars will be marked “exempt.”

Is it legal to sell a car with a broken odometer?

You may drive a car with a broken odometer in most states. If you sell the car, you must inform the buyer that the odometer does not work. Car dealers are subject to strict laws to prevent odometer tampering.

Is an odometer required?

The Truth in Mileage Act (TIMA) is a federal law that requires the seller of a motor vehicle to provide an odometer disclosure to the buyer at the time of sale or transfer of ownership. Vehicles with “not readable” odometer readings are still subject to federal odometer requirements.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons” https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:LAPD_Dodge_charger_(lights).jpg