Quick Answer: What Is A Convertible Car Seat??

In the case of car seats, start by defining just what a convertible car seat is.

It’s a convertible seat that you can use rear-facing when your baby is an infant and forward-facing as your child grows into a toddler.

How does a convertible car seat work?

An infant car seat typically carries children up to 35 or 40 pounds and is rear-facing only. A convertible seat converts from rear-facing to forward-facing. Convertible seats are heavier than infant car seats and usually have to be installed in the car rather than clicked into a base that stays in the car.

What is the difference between a convertible car seat and a booster car seat?

A convertible seat will grow with your baby, while a booster seat is just that–a seat that a smaller child sits on until he or she is big enough to sit properly in the car (has to do with safety and where the seat belt hits).

How long can you use a convertible car seat?

The average age to transition your child from a rear-facing infant seat into a rear-facing convertible/toddler seat is approximately two years, but it is really based on weight and height so you should familiarize yourself with your car seat’s specific maximum weight/height guidelines.

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