Question: How Much Does Tesla Car Cost??

Tesla cars, therefore, are relatively expensive to buy.

The flagship Model S sedan has a base price of $71,000 not including a $10,000 extended battery or other upgrades and options.

But just why is a Tesla car so expensive?

How much does the cheapest Tesla cost?

The cheapest version a buyer can order online comes with a slightly longer range battery and some other options not available on the $35,000 version, It was priced at $39,500. And now Tesla has raised the price of all Model 3 versions, albeit by a modest $400, or a little more than 1% for the cheapest versions.

Do Teslas hold their value?

Of the plug-in vehicles on the US market, Teslas show by far the least depreciation, holding their value better than the Chevy Volt, BMW i3 or Nissan LEAF. Autolist found the following amounts of depreciation after 50,000 miles: Tesla Model S: 28% Lexus LS 460: ~32%

How can I buy a Tesla car?

How to Buy a Tesla

  • Step One: Go Online. Tesla offers two ways to buy its cars: through the company’s website or its in-person show rooms. In both cases you’ll likely order a car, not buy it on the spot.
  • Step Two: Visit a Service Center. Don’t click purchase yet.
  • Step Three: Buy the Car. You’ve looked at the models and options.