Question: What Is The Sound Of A Police Car??

Called the Rumbler, it is a siren that emits a low frequency sound which can be felt.

Motorists that may have loud music playing in their car, for example, may not hear the audible siren of a police car behind them, but will feel the vibrations of the Rumbler.

What sound does a police car siren make?

Most emergency vehicle sirens create 110-120 decibels when turned on. Police sirens can sound louder than ambulances or fire trucks because cop cars usually have their siren mounted low on the front bumper.

Are there different types of police sirens?

Sirens are used on emergency service vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks. There are two general types: pneumatic and electronic. Many fire sirens (used for calling the volunteer fire fighters) serve double duty as tornado or civil defense sirens, alerting an entire community of impending danger.

How does a police car siren work?

When a mechanical siren is activated, the motor, which is connected to the siren fan, starts. The fan movement allows the siren to suck in air through the cone. While some police vehicles still use mechanical sirens on a regular basis, the electric siren is by far the most popular because of its ease of use.

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