Question: What Do You Need To Bring To Get Your Car Inspected??

  • Proof of liability insurance: any current state insurance is acceptable.
  • Payment: Official Inspection Station accepts cash, check and credit cards (Visa & Master Card). Texas state law requires that payment is made whether your vehicle passes or fails inspection.
  • Photo ID: this must be current and valid.

What do they check in a car inspection?

The “Test” checks the following: vehicle and owner identification including vehicle registration plate; emissions; steering; underside; lights; brakes; wheel alignment. Cars older than fifteen years are considered “antique”, and must be inspected every six months, and have additional inspection of the brakes done.

How much does it cost to get your car inspected?

The cost of inspecting and registering a vehicle will not change, but vehicle owners will make two separate payments. Instead of paying the usual $39.75 at the inspection station, owners will pay the $25.50 inspection fee at the station and pay the state the remaining $14.25 at the time of registration.

Do you have to get your car inspected?

In Phoenix and Tucson, all vehicles model year 1967 and up require testing. You must complete the test no more than 90 days before vehicle registration or tag renewal. Tucson requires testing every two years for vehicles 1996 or newer, and every year for older vehicles.

What does a car inspection cost?

The price of a car inspection

Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $250 for a standard vehicle inspection, mechanics say. In some states, only government-operated garages carry out inspections, while in others they are conducted by Department of Transportation (DOT) approved facilities.

What can cause a car to fail inspection?

The most common causes of a failed emissions tests include: Rich air-fuel mixture. This might be due to malfunctioning injectors or a faulty oxygen sensor, so you should make sure these components work properly before you take your vehicle for inspection.

How do I know if my car will pass inspection?

Tips on How to Pass State Inspection –

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