Quick Answer: What Do I Need To Renew My Vehicle Registration??

To renew online you will need your registration plate number, title number, insurance information, odometer reading, a valid credit card, and a printer.

What do I need to renew my license plate sticker?

To renew your license plates, you will need:

  • Your Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice.
  • A Missouri safety inspection and/or emissions inspection certificate not more than 60 days old, if applicable;

How much does it cost to renew car registration?

The following are the fees that you will have to pay when trying to renew your registration: 1,650 lbs or less vehicles will cost $26 to renew. 1,751 to 1,850 lbs vehicles will cost $29 to renew.

Can I renew my registration without a renewal notice?

You can renew your registration without the renewal notice that the DMV sends by mail. The DMV prints your renewal notice many weeks before the date that the DMV mails the notice to you. The DMV normally mails the renewal notice approximately 60 days before the date your current registration expires.

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