Question: What Kind Of Car Was The Batmobile In The 1960s??

The Batmobile from the 1966–1968 live action television show and its film adaptation began life as a Ford concept car called the Lincoln Futura, built over a decade earlier in 1955.

What kind of vehicle was the original Batmobile?

The Batmobile, his most famous design, was a modified 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura that Barris customized in 15 days at a cost of $15,000. The car was featured in the original Batman TV series starring Adam West, and Barris kept it in his private collection until 2012, when he put it up for auction.

What kind of car was the Batmobile in 1989?

Background. As one of the more iconic Batmobile in the series, the 1989 version was used in two of Tim Burton’s movies: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). It was designed by Anton Furst and built on a Chevrolet Impala chassis.

How many original Batmobiles are there?

Q: How many Batmobiles did Barris Kustom City build? A: Four total in the late sixties. The #1 was made out of steel and there were three fiberglass replicas.

What kind of car was the Batmobile made out of?

In 1955, the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company designed and built a futuristic concept car called the Lincoln Futura. It was built entirely by hand in Turin, Italy at a cost of $250,000, and like many concept cars, was never put in to production.

What kind of car was the Batmobile in The Dark Knight?

Although the first Batman film serials date back to the 1940s, the first Batman — and Batmobile — people tend to think of is the one from the iconic 1960’s Adam West Batman series. This Batmobile, the first one to be extremely stylized, was originally a one-of-a-kind concept car, specifically a 1955 Lincoln Futura.

Where is the original Batmobile?

The #1 Barris-built Batmobile, built from the original 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, was purchased by Richard Champagne of Ahwatukee, Arizona at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in January 2013 for $4,620,000.

How much is the original Batmobile worth?

Batmobile sells for $4.6 million. The Batmobile used in the 1960s Batman TV series sold for $4.6 million at a collector car auction Saturday. The car had been the sole property of its creator, legendary car customizer George Barris.

Who owns the original 1966 Batmobile?

George Barris

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