How Many Plymouths Were Used In Christine??

Christine is said to be a 1958 Plymouth Fury, but a combination of ’57 and ’58 models were used in the film.


There were 14 Furies smashed in the making of the movie.

Who owns the original Christine car?

The owner of this 1958 Plymouth Fury had no fear restoring it as Christine. The truth of the matter is there were 24, 1958 Plymouth Furys used in the classic horror flick Christine. Seventeen of them were actually in the movie and seven were used as part cars.

Why did Christine kill Darnell?

It’s Roland LeBay who made Christine evil, his love for Christine overriding even his love for his wife and daughter, both of whom died in the car. Thus, Roland’s evil spirit became one with Christine. In both the movie and the book, Christine could drive herself and repair any damage so long as she was kept moving.

How did Arnie die in Christine?

Soon, Dennis learns that LeBay’s wife died in Christine of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Over time, Arnie falls increasingly under Christine’s influence, acting, speaking and dressing differently from before. After Buddy and Co. trash her, he takes his anger out on Leigh Cabot, essentially abandoning her for Christine.

What kind of engine was in Christine?

One of the 1958 red Plymouth Furys used to portray Christine in the film.

Where is the real Christine car?

Gibson’s “wife” is a restored 1958 Plymouth Fury — one of the original two cars used in John Carpenter’s film version of the Stephen King horror novel “Christine.” “She’s a very high-maintenance woman,” Gibson said as fans gathered around the sparkling red car as it sat parked outside the Carlisle Theatre Friday.

How much did the car Christine sell for?


Auction Scottsdale 2015
Status Sold
Price $198,000.00
Lot 2006
Year 1958

5 more rows

Why is Christine haunted?

While Arnie is out of town visiting a college, Dennis and Leigh lure Christine to the garage and batter her to pieces using a septic tanker truck named “Petunia” who is rented by Dennis. Dennis briefly witnesses LeBay’s spirit attempting to make him stop before the wreckage is crushed.

Will there be another Christine movie?

CHRISTINE LIVES – The Long Awaited Sequel to Christine – Coming 2015! Following the success of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King announced today that he will be returning to the story of Dennis Guilder in 2015 with CHRISTINE LIVES, the sequel to his 1983 novel Christine.

Did Christine kill Arnie?

Arnie at last is so consumed by Christine that he rides with her to Darnell’s garage to kill Dennis and Leigh. He sits within her hellishly red cab as she regenerates around him. Christine’s headlights fade with his last breath. Thus, Arnie dies alone in a car wreck, truly an autoerotic death.

What engine was in the 1958 Plymouth Fury?

In 1958, the optional engine was a 350 cu in (5.7 L) called the “Golden Commando” with two four-barrel carburetors producing 305 hp (227 kW).

Who wrote Christine?

Stephen King