Quick Answer: How Much Does Tanner Fox GTR Cost??

Tanner Fox is a 17 year old r and scooter rider from San Diego, California.

Tanner has his own apparel and merchandise, a 2017 GTR, and a net worth of $600,000+.

This is all thanks to his success on , and his 4.2 million subscribers.

What is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend’s name?

What is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend’s name? – Quora. Tanner Fox, known for his channel on , his T-Fox clothing brand, and scootering is currently dating Taylor Alesia.

Does Tanner Fox have a brother?

Her parents, as well as a brother Mark, have already died. Ronda has a boyfriend, named Steve. He appeared once or twice in Tanner Fox’s videos.

What scooter does Tanner Fox have?

The fork on Tanner Fox Scooter is nothing short of exceptional either. It is called the Huracan HIC Fork, which is made from world’s strongest, aircraft grade aluminum.

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