Quick Answer: What Car Does Sean Drive In Tokyo Drift??

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

What car does Han drive at the end of Tokyo Drift?

At the very end of the third Fast & Furious movie (Tokyo Drift), Dominic Toretto shows up in “Hammer,” the well-known 1970 Plymouth Road Runner built by Steve Strope’s Pure Vision Design in Simi Valley, California.

What car does Han drive in fast and furious?

Mazda RX-7

What rx7 was used in Tokyo drift?

One of ‘s largest automotive aftermarket companies, VeilSide, built this Mazda RX-7 to show off its “Fortune” wide-body kit at the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon. Universal studios bought the car as-is and then they went to work changing it for the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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