Readers ask: Is citroen ds4 a good car?

Is Citroen DS4 reliable?

Warranty Direct, an independent company not given to any partiality or bias, rated the C4 model this DS4 is based upon as one of its most reliable vehicles, scoring better than a BMW 3 Series, a Honda Accord or a Lexus IS.

What car is a DS4?

Once a Citroen, the DS 4 is now part of the DS Automobiles range that chases Audi, BMW and other premium brands. It’s around the size of an Audi A3 or BMW 1 Series, but a little taller than both.

What is a DS4 Crossback?

So step forward DS 4 Crossback – a rugged-looking version of the DS 4 hatchback. First impressions are good. It’s a handsome car that features chunky bodystyling, a smart interior and a raised ride height.

Are DS cars reliable?

DS 7 Crossback reliability DS came 22nd out of 30 manufacturers in our annual Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, with 28.2% of owners reporting a fault within the first year.

What does DS stand for in Citroen?

Three models will be launched initially in the DS line: the DS3, DS4 and DS5. While the seminal 1950s DS was a play on the French for déesse, or goddess, the new DS badge stands for Different Spirit , Citroen says.

Are DS cars luxury?

The DS 9 is a new luxury sedan from Peugeot-Citroen’s luxury brand, DS . It’s about the size of a Mercedes E-class or BMW 5-series and has a 360-hp plug-in-hybrid powertrain.

Who are DS cars made by?

DS Automobiles is a French premium automotive marque founded in 2009, formerly part of Citroën, and since 2015 (2012 in China) a standalone brand. All DS vehicles will be exclusively electric and hybrid in 2025.

What does DS stand for in a car?

Ds or ” drive sport ” mode changes the transmission operation to a “sporty,” driving experience. in other words, this changes an automatic 2018 altima, to the feeling of a manual, giving consumers the best of both worlds.

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