Readers ask: Are citroen c2 good cars?

How much is the tax on a Citroen C2?


Annual Road Tax CO2 Emissions (g/km)
1.4 HDi Furio 3d (1 Sep 2005 – 6 Jan 2008) £30.00 111-113 (Band C)
1.4 HDi Furio 3d (1 Aug 2005 – 31 Aug 2005) £20.00 107 (Band B)
1.4 HDi Furio 3d SensoDrive £30.00 111-115 (Band C)
1.1i Furio 3d £150.00 138 (Band E)

What Insurance Group is a Citroen C2?

Citroen C2 (2003 – 2010) Insurance Groups

Version Group (1-50)
1.1i VTR 3dr Hatchback 3
1.4 HDi VT 3dr Hatchback 6
1.4 HDi VTR 3dr Hatchback 6
1.4 HDi VTS 3dr Hatchback 6

How many seats does a Citroen C2 have?

Although kind of impractical, only four seats and the rear seats are barely usable, combined with a tiny boot.

What Litre is a Citroen C2?

Unlike the Saxo, with 2 of 5 stars from Euro NCAP, the C2 achieved 4 out of 5 stars.

Citroën C2
Engine 1.1 L TU1 I4 1.4 L TU3 I4 1.4 L ET3 I4 1.4 L DV4 Diesel I4 1.6 L TU5 I4 1.6 L TU5 JP4S I4 ( C2 -R2 Max)
Transmission 5-speed automated manual transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 2,314 mm (91.1 in)

What does VTR stand for on Citroen c2?

Our answer: Hi Donal, HDI means it’s diesel, and stands for High-pressure Direct Injection. VTR is simply a Citroen trim level, and indicates a car in the middle of the range — well-equipped, but not the most expensive version.

What is the road tax on a Citroen c1?


Annual Road Tax Six-monthly Road Tax
1.0i VTR+ (AC) 3d £20.00 N/A
1.0i VTR+ (AC) 5d £20.00 N/A
1.0i VTR+ EGS (AC) 5d £20.00 N/A

What Insurance Group is a Citroen C3?

Citroën C3 Insurance Groups

Model Engine Size Insurance Group
C3 (02–10) 1.1–1.6 3–14
C3 (10–16) 1.0–1.6 5–21

What Insurance Group is a Citroen C1?

Citroen C1 (2005 – 2014) Insurance Groups

Version Group (1-50)
VT 1.0i 68 3dr Hatchback 3
VTR 1.0i 3dr Hatchback 3
VTR 1.0i 5dr Hatchback 3
VTR+ 1.0i 3dr Hatchback 4

Is Citroen C1 a good car?

The Citroen C1 makes a good first impression with its distinctive styling – a result of quirky split-level headlights and an extensive range of contrasting colour and trim options. So while the Citroen C1 is chic, fun and affordable, other city cars can do what it does better.

Does Citroen C2 have Isofix?

The rear seats do have head restraints and Isofix child seat preparation, however. Should you need them to, the rear seats in the Citroen C2 are split folding, so you can carry an extra long load.

How big is the boot on a Citroen C3?

As practicality was such a concern for Citroen when it was building the C3 . it had to come with a big boot . Measuring 300 litres, it’s bigger than what you get from the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa and exactly the same as the outgoing Renault Clio.

How many Citroen C2 Loeb were made?

Citroen has produced 400 C4 and 320 C2 special editions in conjunction with three times Rally World Champion, Sebastien Loeb . On sale now, both models are available in red or black and come with unique exterior and interior design features including ‘by Loeb ‘ badging.

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