Question: How much was a chrysler crossfire new?

How much does a crossfire cost?

The 2008 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts at just over $35,500 , while the Roadster is about $40,000. The V6-powered Audi TT Coupe costs about seven grand more than the Crossfire, but also comes with all-wheel drive.

Is the Chrysler Crossfire made by Mercedes?

For one thing, calling the Crossfire an American automobile is a bit misleading. It is an altered version of the last-generation Mercedes – Benz SLK-Class convertible. Both Chrysler and Mercedes are subsidiaries of DaimlerChrysler .

How much is a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire worth?

2005 Chrysler Crossfire Value – $833-$7,876 | Edmunds.

Is Chrysler Crossfire a good car?

The Crossfire is an underrated vehicle – there’s not much in the same price range I’d recommend over it. It’s fast enough, auto top, handles well, looks great , and is pretty comfortable. Never had any maintenance issues worth mentioning.

How much is a 2004 Crossfire worth?

2004 Chrysler Crossfire Value – $967-$6,176 | Edmunds.

How much is a 2020 Chrysler Crossfire?

Get a surprisingly great rate It’s like a new car for the price of a clunker. Switch & save an average of $587* on car insurance.

Are Chrysler crossfires expensive to fix?

They are very nice vehicles. They are not expensive to maintain . Unless you consider an oil change expensive . I have 70K miles on the coupe and go to the same dealership for service, but it has only needed oil changes and tires.

Why did Chrysler stop making the crossfire?

Sales and production numbers Chrysler discontinued the Crossfire after the 2008 model year, as part of its restructuring plans. The last Crossfire rolled off of the assembly line on December 17, 2007.

Is the Chrysler Crossfire fast?

Despite the lack of power, 0-60 mph with the six-speed manual was a rather respectable 6.4 seconds. In 2005, Chrysler introduced a much hotter version called the SRT-6, along with a prettier convertible variant. The 3.2-liter V6 was now supercharged, and produced 330 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

How much horsepower does a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire have?

Who makes the Crossfire sports car?

When did Chrysler own Mercedes Benz?

The merger between Daimler- Benz and Chrysler to DaimlerChrysler AG (1995 – 2007) | Daimler > Company > Tradition > Company History.

Does Chrysler have a sports car?

These cars ranged from the very pricey sports car to a V8 powered sedan. Then you get into the unique designs of some of the cars such as the Prowler and the Crossfire. When it comes to choosing a unique performance vehicle, the Chrysler brand has had a few.

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