Question: Can ford transit custom bulkhead be removed?

Can you remove the bulkhead from a Transit Connect?

DCIV bulkheads are 2 piece, you can remove the top only or the bulkhead complete, however, if you fit Tourneo rear seats you can ‘t fit the standard bulkhead , the seats and fitting position are a lot different.

Is a van bulkhead structural?

In many vans , the bulkhead is just screwed/bolted/pop-riveted into place, so it can’t be structural .

Do you need a bulkhead in a van?

A van bulkhead is a vital component of any commercial van that currently has no barrier between the cargo and passenger area. If the van comes to a sudden stop or is involved in a wreck, these items in the back can fly toward the front, causing injury or even death.

Can you remove the bulkhead from a Vivaro?

Just knock the heads off with a hammer and chisel. They ‘re just holding the bulkhead in place nothing else.

What is a van bulkhead?

A Van Bulkhead is also referred to as a partition. A bulkhead is a secure, snuggly-fitting partition. It should be constructed to fit tightly against the bottom, sides, and top of the van . The bulkhead is located behind the driver and passenger seats in a van , and separates them from the cargo area.

Can you remove stair bulkhead?

It is very unlikely that the bulkhead could be removed or reduced without moving/changing the stairs . Most people infill over the bulkhead to be used for storage or wardrobe zone.

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