Question: Do I Need To Go To The DMV After Buying A New Car??

You cannot legally drive your new vehicle if it is not properly registered.

Usually, when you buy a used car from a dealership such as Auto Simple, the dealer will help you with all the DMV-related paperwork and fees, including title transfers and registration.

Some dealerships, however, require that you make the trip.

What to do after buying a car from a dealership?

What to Do After Buying a Used Car

  • Six Steps to Take After Buying a Used Car. Transfer the title and register the car.
  • Transfer the Title and Register the Car.
  • Insure the Car.
  • Read the Owner’s Manual.
  • Repair Outstanding Problems.
  • Perform Routine Maintenance.
  • Go for a Drive.

How do I register a new car I just bought?

Register with the DMV

To register your car, you’ll need the necessary documents. These usually include the bill of sale, ID, title certificate, and odometer reading. You’ll take this information to your local DMV, fill out some paperwork, and pay a registration fee.

Can you cancel a new car purchase after signing?

There is no cooling off period when you buy a used car from a dealer. This means you usually cannot change your mind after you buy a used car. Sometimes the dealer may agree to cancel the contract if you ask them to before you take possession of the car.

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