Question: What Size Hail Causes Damage??

Pea sized hail (1/4 of an inch) or marble-sized hail (1/2 inch) might not cause damage.

Anything larger, say a dime or a quarter (3/4 to one inch) can cause serious damage.

Golf ball sized hail is 1 ¾ inches and softball-sized hail is 4 ½ inches according to NOAA.

Does Hail always damage car?

Hail Damages

Depending on the size and speed at which it falls, hail can cause considerable damage to a person’s car. Hail, and the winds that can often come with it, can cause huge dents, broken windows and windshields, and even engine damage. They may even need to be completely replaced if the damage is extensive.

What do you do if your car has hail damage?

To initiate your hail repair, follow these steps:

Contact your auto insurance provider to see if the hail damage repair is covered in your policy. Every insurance company handles hail claims differently. Follow up with your agent if you do not know where to start the claim process.

Can a golf ball sized hail kill?

Destructive Hail

Golf ball-sized hail. Breaks some roof tiles, dents cars, strips tree bark and cuts through branches, kills small animals. H6: 1.2 – 3.9 inches.

Photo in the article by “Flickr”