Quick Answer: Can I Put A Roof Rack On My Car??

Choosing the best way to mount a roof rack to your car.

Even if they don’t have cross bars, some cars come from the factory with tracks or raised rails running front to back on the roof of your car.

If this is the case for you you can use a Thule or Yakima mount to connect directly to these.

How do I get a roof rack for my car?

Amazon Outdoor Recreation: How to Choose a Roof Rack for Your

Do Thule racks fit all cars?

Thule 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Complete Car Roof Racks are designed for vehicles with smooth of naked rooflines (no racks or attachments). If you don’t see your vehicle on this list, simply click on the Thule Fit Guide at the top of the page, enter your vehicle information and the Thule Fit Guide will do the rest.

Which roof rack is best?

The Best Roof Rack

  • CargoLoc Roof Top Aluminum Cross Bars. See More Reviews.
  • Apex Universal Aluminum Cross Bars. See More Reviews.
  • Yakima Whispbar Flush Bar Roof Rack. See More Reviews.
  • SportRack Complete Roof Rack System.
  • Vault Cargo Management 54 Inch Universal Locking Roof Rack.
  • Kova Gear Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars.

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