Question: What Is The Best Fuel For Your Car??

The best fuel for your car

  • Introducing RON. The most commonly sold fuels are the unleaded varieties: unleaded (ULP), E10 (ULP with 10 per cent ethanol) premium unleaded (PULP) and ultra-premium unleaded (UPULP).
  • The Octane Ratings. 91 – This is the lowest octane level available.
  • The Branded Fuels. Shell V-Power – this comes in 98 only.

Does it matter what type of gas you put in your car?

However, many consumers aren’t sure which grade of gas they should put in their car. In short, the only time you should use premium fuel is if your car’s manual recommends or requires it. If your car was made to run on regular gas (87 octane), there’s no actual benefit to using premium gas.

Do I really need to put premium gas in my car?

In many cases, the answer is probably no — you’ll likely be able to use regular fuel with no noticeable issues except for minor losses in performance and gas mileage. If your owner’s manual says that premium fuel is required, then you should do it, but your car won’t blow up if you occasionally opt for regular.

What happens if you put premium gas in a regular gas car?

The octane rating of gasoline determines when the engine combustion will occur at a wrong time. An occasional ping most likely will not harm your vehicle, but repetitive knocking demise the car’s engine. Perhaps because of this condition, earlier people put premium gas in a regular gas car.

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