Question: How Much Does A Color Changing Paint Job Cost??

Figure that the labor before paint will be somewhere around $2,500 and materials for a vehicle that already has an outstanding body.

You should expect to pay a MINIMUM of $5,000, and probably closer to $8,000, for a premium color-change paint.

How do color changing cars work?

The effect is paint color change at the press of a button, and the secret is a “special polymer containing paramagnetic iron oxide particles,” which is applied to the whip’s exterior; an “applied electric current then adjusts the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles, and therefore affects their

What is chameleon paint?

Chameleon paint colors are a class of color changing paint that changes color depending on how and even where you look at them. Chameleon paints are three stage colors where a black base is applied first, then the semi-transparent chameleon paint layer, and finally protected with a clear coat.

Can you change the exterior color of your car?

But a new paint job can do wonders, and it is certainly less expensive than buying a brand new vehicle. Do keep in mind, however, that changing the color can almost double the cost of some paint jobs. If you change the outside color, all these components should be changed as well.

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