Question: What Happens If You Don’t Pay Car Insurance On Time??

If you do not pay your bill, your policy lapses, which ultimately means you are no longer insured.

You also will likely lose your license if you get into an accident without insurance.

Even if you don’t happen to get into an accident during this lapse in Auto insurance, there are other consequences to consider.

How late can you pay your car insurance?

Your car insurance payment is considered late at am the day after your due date. Insurers are very specific as to when a payment must be posted. If you don’t process your payment by phone, online, or in-person before the due date, the carrier may charge you late fees or cancel your coverage altogether.

What happens if you are late on your car insurance?

Even if your insurance payment is late by one or two days, this may be enough for an insurance company to temporarily suspend your insurance. In auto insurance terminology this is called a lapse in your policy. Your insurance company will also charge you a late fee of between $8 and $12 per day until you pay.

Can I get an extension on my car insurance payment?

Insurance companies are not obligated to give customers an extension on their payments; however, some do offer a grace period.

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